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Which headset should I get? Razer blackshark v2x or HyperX cloud stinger core or Coolermaster MH751 or any other recommendations around this price $50

Its my first time buying a headset and I have no idea what to choose. I don't want to spend too much on it also so something around $50 should be fine. One important factor I consider is that I want the earcups to be comfortable and not get my ears hot and sweaty. Thanks in advance for all inputs.

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I have had a fantastic experience with my Blackshark v2. Not the v2x, but I assume it would be even higher quality. It can be a little bit of a bitch when using the built in razer synapse program, but as long as you ignore the warnings to make "THX spatial audio" as the default audio device, you are good. The spatial audio is shit and absolutely ruins sound quality, so just set default to "Razer USB sound card" if you use the built in dongle, or just select the default one for your mobo's audio (probably REALTEK) if you are just using the 3.5mm jack.


The headphones prefer to run over the included USB dongle, as this is the only way to enable built in features such as noise cancellation and noise normalization, along with an equalizer, but it runs perfectly fine (but the headphones and mic) when plugged into a standard 3.5mm jack. I have all three primary peripherals as razer, simply because my original steel series headset was not compatible with my tablet, so I refunded it and got a razer, and my keyboard and mouse were a combo deal at best by. 

Fuck you scalpers, fuck you scammers, fuck all of you jerks that charge way too much to tech-illiterate people. 

Unless I say I am speaking from experience or can confirm my expertise, assume it is an educated guess.

Current setup: Ryzen 5 3600, MSI MPG B550, 2x8GB DDR4-3200, RX 5600 XT (+105 core, +330 Mem), 1TB WD SN550, 2TB Seagate Barracuda Compute, Corsair 4000D Airflow, 650W 80+ Bronze. Razer peripherals. Also a 500GB 2.5" HDD I found. 

Also have a Alienware Alpha R1: i3-4170T, GTX 860M (basically a 750 Ti). 2x4GB DDR3L-1600

My current projects: VR Flight Sim: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/nathanpete/saved/#view=dG38Jx (Done!)

A do it all server for educational use: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/nathanpete/saved/#view=vmmNcf (Cancelled)

Replacement of my friend's PC nicknamed Donkey, going from 2nd gen i5 to R5 2600X: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/nathanpete/saved/#view=WmsW4D (Done!)

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Between the 3 the cooler master all the way. The only other thing I could reccomend is the Koss GMR headsets. But they have pretty bad build quality great sound which is what koss is known for.

Feel free to send me a DM for further or general questions.

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17 minutes ago, Nathanpete said:

The spatial audio is shit and absolutely ruins sound quality, so just set default to "Razer USB sound card" if you use the built in dongle,

Or you just avoid Razer and all other plagued gaming headset brands all together.

PM or DM me if you have any questions about audio or about your PC.

My PC specs & audio gear

CPU > Intel core i7 9700k, GPU > RTX 2070 8gb, RAM > Corsair Vengance 2x8gb 3000mhz, Motherboard > Z390 Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi, Storage > 1TB HDD & 2pcs of 500gb M2 SSDs, Cooling > H100I Corsair Platinum, PSU > Corsair RM750X V2

🎧Current Audio Setup For Gaming/Music🎧

Philips Fidelio X2HR as daily driver

Soundblaster AE-9 Soundcard

The T.bone SC400 XLR mic

Other peripherals

Keyboard > Razer Chroma v2 Orange Switches

Mouse > Cooler Master MM711, had a G502 HERO but was too heavy for my liking.

VR > Valve index kit

Why spend thousands on peripherals and your PC and forget one of the most important things... Audio.

Read this post if you want a "gaming" headset ;)


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