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    "Hopeless audio enthusiast", f*** 99,9% of all gaming headsets

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    I like audio in games. I am a VR enthusiast as well, I play much battlefield and many other games. PC master race.


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    i7 9700k
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    Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi-CF
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    2x8gb Corsair vengance 3000mhz
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    RTX 2070 Dual OC
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    Fractal Design Define C
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    Kingston A1000 500gb M.2 SSD
    Kingston A2000 500gb M. 2 SSD
    Seagate barracuda 1tb HDD
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    Corsair RM750X 750W v2
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    Samsung Odyssey G7
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    Corsair Hydro H100i RGB Platinum
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    Razer chroma v2 Orange Switches (Need a new one xD)
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    Glorious model D minus
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    Daily Driver: Fidelio X2HR, Soundblaster AE-9 Other headphones Dt 990 pro W/ Straight Cable Mod with Dekoni Elite Velour Pads,
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    Windows 10
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    HP Probook 450 G7
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  1. The 560s are not very hard to drive but benfit from amp. Something like a FX audio DAC X6 from Amazon will be really good for the price. Or a Fosi Audio Q4. If you want software then a Sound Blaster G5 or G6 if you have the budget also works great
  2. 560s are the ones many would chose over the other two. They are a bit better in some aspects. What is your budget for an amp/DAC? What are you looking for in an amp/DAC combo
  3. Then the X2HR and Vmoda boom pro is a good combo. A bit better than the SHP 9500. Essentially the big brother to the SHP's.
  4. When there is no mic. You add one. I think the SHP 9500 with a Vmoda boom pro mic is within your budget. Really good combo and the mic is 10x better than any gaming headset mic.
  5. Depends on your headphones and what you value?
  6. Better build quality. Easier to drive. Just as bright and sharp tho I think. Also I will very much recommend the Hifiman HE400i 2020 edition from Hifiman's store. They are pretty much only available in the EU. There are some "opened box" variants that may just have been on display that are in the US. They are very open, much more open than the 990's apparently. Their imaging is very good for their price and being planar magnetic. The 990 pros are dynamic which most headphones are but planar can sound much better since the driver tech is much more cabable of playing bass whilst not
  7. Do you NEED wireless? Just avoid the Virtuosos because I've heard they're pretty bad in the sound departament but really good in build quality. Also agreed with Slottr.
  8. A 50-60$ amp is going to do much much better than onboard. So really consider getting that before getting another pair of headphones. This is my best recommendation. The FX audio DAC X6 is a really good amp/DAC combo for the price for what I've heard.
  9. There are DAC/amps on Amazon which have more amplification at the same price so definitely worth checking out amps on Amazon. I don't know if you're in the US or EU so just gonna link some from Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/FX-Audio-Digital-Decoder-Headphone-Amplifier/dp/B07TW2JQNN/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=dac%2Famp&qid=1631362143&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExSVgyVFNDMTFCVTZBJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNTI3NTg0UFpCWUQ0SEhCOTIwJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTAwNzkxNzExM1c2WjZHM1BSR0c4JndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG
  10. DT 990 pros sound horrible without an amp. They sound sloppy and undetailed. I can confirm because even with the best built in realtek DAC/amp on my motherboard it sounds bad. The cable on the 250ohm version is horrible imho on the 990 pros. The sound is fine and they have really good imaging but to me they are too bassy in the 100-200hz region and a bit harsh. To actually get something comparable which is a bit better, The X2HR from Philips are great in many aspects. They are the big brother of the SHP 9500's and has less harsh treble and better bass. The pads are better, they are
  11. No wonder. It is a 19$ gaming headset. I can't think the mic is even close to good and you probably can't fix the sound other than turning off VSS if possible. VSS for music isn't good imo and especially not on a 19$ gaming headset. Also the drivers might be mismatched which results in a shifted center balance. Or the song is just mixed to have the beat on the right. I don't really know what you mean. Just one song or every song?
  12. Cooler Master MH752's. Reskinned Takstar pro 82 with a mic that is removable. Yes they are cheaper than your budget. But they can beat many headphones up to 200 dollars.
  13. They are both very different headphones. The MH752 are closed back. The X2HR are open back which means they leak sound but have a much larger soundstage making sound more natural and open.
  14. Alright. MH752's are one of the best closed backs under 200$ counting studio headphones since they actually are reskinned studio headphones that CM put a mic on. And those go for under 100$ which is insane. If you want something more expensive and something new. Such as an open back. There are the Fidelio X2HR that you can get pretty cheap now on amazon. They usually went for 300$ when they came out. Now they go as low as 110$ where I can get them on amazon. If you need a mic you can get the Vmoda Boom Pro for around 20-30$ which goes into the headphone's 3.5mm slot acting as a "he
  15. The GSP series is pretty bad imho. The GAME ONE would work good. But the MH752's from Cooler Master are superior against many gaming headphones up to 200 dollars. The mic is fine for being a headset too if you care about that. This doesn't matter at all. Makes literally no difference. Don't look at specs when it comes to sound. Look at the sensitivity and ohms to find out how hard they are to drive. Headphones need listening to know how good they are for you. Not specs in the frequency range.