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Trouble with Windows Installation.

I recently just finished my pc build and got it running, but every time I try to install windows I'll get half way in and the pc will just restart. I tried removing the peripherals and it stopped restarting but without them I can't install windows on my SSD. I can get around 2 minutes into the installation with my keyboard plugged in but with mouse it just loops. I tried switching keyboards and mouse but still struggle with the same problem.

CPU: ryzrrn 3 3100

Gpu: rx 570 ram:

8gb gskill

psu: 600 w

ssd: 1 tb intel

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First I would make sure you are plugging the USB directly into the motherboard and not through the ports on the front of the PC.


If that does not fix it I would then remake the installation media using the media creation tool.


Then I would swap for another USB drive.


You may need to update the BIOS on your motherboard or enable Windows 8 mode in the BIOS. (May be Windows 10 mode now)

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