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Should I buy now?

I live in Australia and I’m going to build a new system at the end of the year I already have money for most of the parts but I’m still collecting more money. Should I buy the parts I can afford now to ensure they are in stock or should I wait for Christmas sales.

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19 minutes ago, Archerr said:

I can afford now to ensure they are in stock or should I wait for Christmas sales.

I dont want to be blunt here but I will give you as straight an answer as I can:


It is honestly up to you.

If you want to wait to try and get the discounts go ahead, if you have the funds and want to now then go ahead. This however falls on you and your preference.

Asking this question will get you  a very varied quantity of legit and shitpost answers so I advise against asking this type of question. No one really knows when price drops or price hikes will happen. You need to pay attention to the market and buy when you feel its the right time for you, and I get it, you will buy and get lucky or you will buy and the next day everything goes full discount. I have been there and done both as well.


Good Luck! ;) 


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Personally I think it's a great time to buy used on eBay because everyone that forked over for a scalped 3000 or got lucky is selling their old ones for cheap. Additionally plenty of intel stuff isn't too sought after as ryzen has almost become the standard recommendation. Good i5 & i7 systems and components are at good prices.


That or the used market was always like that.

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