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    Pc Building, Gaming, Video editing


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    msi b250m gaming pro
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    16gb crucial ddr4 2400 2x8
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    rx560 4gb
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    500gb m.2 sata
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    corsair vs450
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    one asus 75 hz 24inch, one lg 60hz 24inch
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    tecware phantom tkl v2
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    razer deathadder elite
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    windows 10 home
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    samsung a20

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  1. I would recommend a 700 watt or more, you could get away with a 650 watt, but defenitly not a 500.
  2. I am making a custom GPU backplate for my Rtx 3060ti and I need an rgb strip to finish it off, I can’t find any good ones that will arrive this month. I need 3 pin argb or 4 pin rgb either is fine. They need to be 10cm long or they need to be able to be snipped so I can cut them to length. They need to be shipped this month. And I live in Australia so Amazon.com.au, eBay.com.au, or any other Australian retailer is best.
  3. I have a ryzen 3100 and am planning to upgrade to a 5600x in the future, should I go With the hyper 212 black or cooler master ml240l aio?
  4. is it because im downloading the trial of minecraft?
  5. the 3100 runs metro exodus and other games with raytracing though
  6. the backplate is probably just broken, you might need to get a replacement
  7. in the bios it is very possible to overclock them to 3600mhz, i had a 2400mhz kit that i overclocked to 2800mhz so it should work
  8. some fans are daisy chainable where you can connect the rgb connecters to each other, you can look in the manual to see if yours are. if not you can buy a argb splitter if you dont mind all the fans rgb being the same, or an rgb hub if you want to control the fans separately
  9. try the overclocking feature if your board has one in the bios, the manually overclock to 3000mhz
  10. I built a new pc 2 days ago and it has a rtx 3060ti, 16gb ram and a ryzen 3 3100, when i try to play minecraft raytracing it says that my pc doesn't meet the minimum specs. is this because of the CPU?
  11. Thanks for all the help everyone, the card seems to be broken, i ordered a new one it works fine, thank you all for the help
  12. Thank you for helping, I have narrowed down the problem to the adapter, I tested the new one I got today (the one in the photo you sent) and the old one several times, every time the new one worked fine but the old one as the working. I am going to get another one of the new cards for this system as I was borrowing it from another pc.