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Question for Ultrawide Users (G9 Specifically)

I've been running a rig with a 24" 1440p Predator for a couple of years now and I'm considering building a new rig with a 5800x and a 3080 and pairing it with one of the new G9s. I do have a question though since I've never had or used an Ultrawide.


Is it possible with an Ultrawide to section off parts of the monitor? For example if the G9 is the equivalent of 2 16:9 monitors, could I have a 16:9 area centered in the middle for a game while having two 8:9 sections on either side for other apps? I'd be using this monitor for productivity as well as games so I was curious how the partitioning of screen real estate was on an Ultrawide. The most I've ever done on my current monitor is the windows key split screen. Because I'm basic. 




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