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  1. Im aware of the differences between the mobile and desktop versions of the components. I'm looking for a laptop though because I spend a majority of my time traveling for work. I just really don't want to spend money on the 2000 GPUs with the 3000s on the way.
  2. I'm eagerly awaiting CES because I'd like to pick up a gaming laptop with one of the new Ryzen 5800Hs and a 3070 or 3080. Likely a Asus Strix or Zephyrus. Basically I'm wondering how long after announcements before the new laptops usually go on sale? I don't generally buy tech on day 1 so I have no idea how much time there usually is between announcement and availability. Days? Weeks? Months? Im not looking for specifics. Just a general idea based on past launches. Thanks!
  3. Dropped my work laptop (Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged) today from a decently high spot and it caught some machinery on the way down which probably spared me. Pretty much the only part on the laptop with damage was the little cover piece on the back that covers the HDMI and RJ45 ports. I suspect this part would be like $10-$20 but after searching the Google's I can't find anything. eBay, Dell's website, a couple various iFixIt type sites. I would go to IT but I don't feel like waiting on them. I've only had the thing for 4 months so if I can get a new part for ~$15 I would
  4. I've been running a rig with a 24" 1440p Predator for a couple of years now and I'm considering building a new rig with a 5800x and a 3080 and pairing it with one of the new G9s. I do have a question though since I've never had or used an Ultrawide. Is it possible with an Ultrawide to section off parts of the monitor? For example if the G9 is the equivalent of 2 16:9 monitors, could I have a 16:9 area centered in the middle for a game while having two 8:9 sections on either side for other apps? I'd be using this monitor for productivity as well as games so I was curious how the par
  5. Microcenter is 20 minutes from me and the person's computer I'm working on doesn't care enough to get an SSD. I'm just getting them another 1TB WD Blue since that what the laptop had to begin with. So basically what your saying is I should be able to just plug in my new hard drive, throw in my windows install drive, and everything should be good? Need a confirmation on this. Don't want to take my friends money to get this drive and end up up a creek without a paddle.
  6. I don't need to recover the files off the old drive. I just need to know what I'll have to do to get the new drive to run.
  7. A friend at work brought me an HP Touchscreen laptop (Model number: 15-ba052wm) to fix. It has a bad hard drive and was giving off a Failure code 301. Either way I know I need to replace the hard drive but I need to know some things before I run over to Microcenter and grab a replacement: *This PC is running Windows 10 64-bit* 1.) What kind of recovery media will I need and how can I acquire it? -I saw somewhere that I would need an HP system recovery drive, is that something I can download to a thumbdrive like I can for Windows recovery stuff?
  8. A search through my browser history and Chrome download history have confirmed the file is indeed off the recovery image I downloaded for that Surface last week. File has been disposed of. We're all good.
  9. That's what I thought at first but when I scanned the folder came up with nothing. I'm thinking it may be leftover from when I made that recovery drive for my friend's Surface. Trying to confirm now.
  10. I need someone more tech savvy than me to see if they have any idea what this folder is. I had this 'boot' folder appear on my desktop and I didn't put it there. Here's what's in it: I checked C: Windows and it has a boot folder in there as well with different stuff which matches my brother's PC and my Surface Pro, but I have no idea where this came from. Anybody got anything? I did make a recovery drive a couple weeks ago for my friends PC, could it be remnants of that I forgot to clear out?
  11. Still not finding the 'Connect With Audio Access' thing. When I double click my phone I get this.
  12. No dice. My phone and PC are paired but when I go to play music on my phone it doesn't give me the option to play over anything other than my iPhone speakers.
  13. So I have an iPhone and a Windows 10 PC. Is it possible to play music from my phone on my PC through a Bluetooth connection? If it is, how do you do it? I've been messing with this for like an hour and had no success with it. Thanks