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Intel E5 1620v2 or I5-4670k

Hi all

I've posted already in the Building subforum, but since i combined multiple questions in one, i thought i'd try here as well.
I was asked to build/upgrade a pc for a kid that mainly seems to play Minecraft/Fortnite, and i think the occasional new game (if it's f2p).

His current PC is some old Dell Workstation, with a E5 1620v2, 16gb ram, 250gb ssd and a Nvidia Quadro K2200.
My idea was to just update the GPU (and PSU), but i'm now wondering if my old Gaming CPU, I5-4670k would be more powerful for gaming specifically.

I have done some reading, and on paper it seems like the E5 is the better CPU, especially because of it's 4 more threads.
What do you guys think?

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