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  1. Very interesting. Thanks a lot for these informations, i wasn't aware of that. I had already settled on the e5, and i can see now that it's generally the much better choice anyways. Thanks for all the help everyone :).
  2. True, i did not take IPC into account. However, both chips i mentioned are from the same year, so i'm not sure if they differ in IPC? Are there generally any differences in IPC between server and consumer grade CPU's? From my understanding, the e5 1620 is basically an i5/i7 from the same era in terms of structure, and just slightly modified, so i guess there wouldn't be any difference? I can definitely see how having more cores/threads is gonna benefit most stuff today. IIRC back when Intel launched Haswell, the general consensus was that the i5 is the best gaming CPU, because games would
  3. I'm honestly not convinced that a 4/8 cpu with a (substantially) lower clock speed will outperform an OC'd i5 4670k. Also that video you posted if kind of funny. The title says "BETTER CPU THAN I7", yet out of 7 games that were tested, 5 out of them the i7 clearly won, 1 of them the e5 did and one of them was 0.2fps difference, so i'd call that a draw honestly. If we take a look at GamerNexus video for example, i5-4690k, we can see that the OC'd i5 trades blows with the E5-2697 v2, which is a 12/24 CPU with almost the same boost-clock as the e5-1620v3. What i'm trying to say is, i'm not
  4. So, i've done some more research. Seems like the cpu is an e5 1620v3, which has hyperthreading but only boosts up to 3.6ghz. On the other hand, my old i5 4670k has no hypethreading, but i could easily OC it to around 4.2ghz i assume. I'm still not sure what would be the better benefit. Ditch the 4 HT cores, but have a lower clock speed, or ditch the 4 extra HT cores but have a (much) higher clock speed.
  5. Hi all I've posted already in the Building subforum, but since i combined multiple questions in one, i thought i'd try here as well. I was asked to build/upgrade a pc for a kid that mainly seems to play Minecraft/Fortnite, and i think the occasional new game (if it's f2p). His current PC is some old Dell Workstation, with a E5 1620v2, 16gb ram, 250gb ssd and a Nvidia Quadro K2200. My idea was to just update the GPU (and PSU), but i'm now wondering if my old Gaming CPU, I5-4670k would be more powerful for gaming specifically. I have done some reading, and on paper it seems li
  6. I checked out intels pages on it as well, and to me it also seemed like the e5 is on par or slightly better than the i5. I thought that maybe i was just missing something. I'm thinking of pairing it with a 1660 super then, as it's only slightly more expensive, and seems to be quite a bit better.
  7. Budget (including currency): Whatever is necessary for the GPU Country: Switzerland Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Minecraft, Fortnite, and any sort of new f2p games Hi all I was asked to build/upgrade a pc for a friends son. He seems to mostly play minecraft and fortnite, as well as new games that are (i think most of them) f2p. He currently has a setup with an Intel E5 1620v2, but i'm wondering if my old I5-4670k would be (significantly?) better. If it would be around the same performance wise, i'd rather sell it tbh. His Current Setup: I