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Did my mousepad made my G102 have high Lift off distance?

I had a generic mousepads with foam on the wrist part and now I purchased a XL mouse mat as it is too small for me. Whenever I lift my mouse to change its position, it still registers at (i think)1 cm unlike when I use the generic mousepad and just the bare tabletop. And the worst case I got is one time when I lift my mouse to change position like drag n lift to make a 180 turn, it spinned very fast like it was spinning 360 degrees. Does it mean I have a bad mouse pad or my moausepad or mouse sensor is dirty?

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Sounds like your mouse's sensor is just dirty, you should try cleaning it with compressed air. I don't think the G102 has LOD issues on any mousepad and the worst case you are describing sounds like the sensor spinning out, which shouldn't be happening if you aren't using some niche glass mousepad or something like that.

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