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  1. PCGuy_5960

    Just testing something, please reply if you wan…

    This does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million Kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the Kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos.
  2. PCGuy_5960

    Companies naming most of their products: - AMD…

    Honestly most kind of make sense if you look into it. pls don't kill me
  3. Sooo, new status updates, eh?


    Also, looks like I've hit 20K rep. 


    1. TopHatProductions115


      It looks like a mobile website now 🤔 Can't quite figure out how to get around yet...

  4. This was discussed earlier in this thread. While the sources may not be the most credible, in one of the articles there is a link to the court filings and the case is basically what the articles are saying, so this isn't fake news.
  5. What you described is basically propaganda and yeah, it absolutely works. Well a good way to eliminate bias is to have algorithms that are biased in equal and opposite ways, so in the end the bias kind of cancels out. Not to mention that the algorithms can be tweaked by their creators if they don't work as intended, so with some tweaking, making an algorithm that isn't very biased shouldn't be that hard for a company as big as twitter.
  6. Yes, machine learning algorithms aren't biased, but they can become biased based on the data they are being trained with. To say that there has been some degree of bias in Twitter's algorithms recently wouldn't be entirely accurate IMO. Without trying to get political, an example would be "election fraud" claims from both sides (one in 2016, the other in 2020). Despite both being equally unfounded and largely bs, only one was actively censored and "fact checked" in every tweet. Or the summer riots and the recent ones, twitter seemed to crack down a bit harder on "calls to violence" for one of
  7. I don't really follow COD esports so I did a quick search. This guy has been playing pro since 2013, has more than 100K followers on Twitch and is still playing COD with a mouse and keyboard (The injury only affects his ability to play with a controller). I think it's safe to say that the gamble he took most likely paid off and judging by his twitter, his plan B (streaming) seems to be working too. That comment was most likely him genuinely being disappointed that he can't compete (COD esports is controller only), because like most competitive players, he is a very competitive person.
  8. Do you think the same for regular athletes too? He's probably already made a few millions off of salaries and prize winnings alone and he was on FaZe, so he already has a decent enough job set up for him as a content creator (Having FaZe in your name is probably enough to get you a few hundred viewers on twitch).
  9. I'd say fair enough, but twitter has recently shown that they are perfectly capable of moderating their website. They can't see themselves as a moral authority (like they currently do) and take 0 action against this kind of stuff. And it's not like this was a single tweet that got no attention so it was hard for them to even know it existed: Not to mentioned that the individual in that video apparently talked to a twitter employee about this and even provided them with proof that they were underage. Like really, it's as if twitter was actively trying to keep the video up.
  10. Facebook is a stupid conspiracy theory breeding ground and Twitter is just a retarded virtue signaling echo chamber. At least Facebook is pretty open about not really caring about what is on their platform, unlike Twitter who moderate their website but only when it's convenient.
  11. Fortnite x Raid shadow legends collab when? It's only a matter of time really, with how many collabs fortnite has been doing the past couple of months.

  12. I'm not super knowledgeable on keyboards, but there are a lot of software-less keyboards which can be customized directly from the board itself. (Some offer more limited customization from the board itself compared to using the software, but if you just want to set a simple color or mode and forget about it, you don't need the software) If you want Logitech though, the G915 is insanely good and uses the same wireless tech as their mice so latency is almost non-existent.
  13. Probably, since competitive and casual fortnite share almost everything. Not exactly sure how nerfing keyboard movement helps console players to be honest, but epic isn't exactly known for their amazing decision making. Yeah, it's pretty hit or miss afaik, but this might change since some analog keyboards are slowly appearing. If analog keyboards catch on, games would be kind of forced to add support for that.
  14. AFAIK, the azeron is quite popular in the competitive fortnite community because of the analog stick. In Fortnite, keyboard movement is very limited compared to controller. This could be mitigated by using two keys for movement, but epic games removed that so people are trying to find keyboards/keyboard alternatives that support analog input so that they can have controller movement while aiming with a mouse.
  15. Yeah, it's REALLY good. The only problem is finding one in stock, since it's sold out in most places. Let me guess, fortnite? I've seen so many players use it in that game.
  16. The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is one of the best options if you can find it in stock. It's wireless, has a really safe shape which works with most grips and it's only 60g which is nice for FPSes. The regular G Pro Wireless is good too, but it has worse stock feet and is heavier than the Superlight. (Although it is still relatively light at 80g or 77g without the bottom plate)
  17. Game's kind of fun actually and free, so get it.

    1. wkdpaul


      Got it on my PS4, still got this version.

    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Sense of pride and accomplishment?

  18. Plastic's scratch resistance is much worse than glass though, which is kind of annoying. Plastic would be fine on a $500 phone, but at $800 there's no excuse really. Samsung and tweets that didn't age well, name a more iconic duo.
  19. Yeah, but they also removed the curve (which might be positive though, depending on who you ask) and the S21's back is plastic as opposed to glass on the S20. It's not a huge deal just rather disappointing, especially since there is no premium version of the regular S21.
  20. What is it with samsung and downgrading some of the specs of their cheaper phones. They did it with the Note20 vs the Note10, now the S21 too? Can't wait for the Note21 with a 720p screen and paper body.
  21. https://xtrfy.com/mice/mz1

    The RJN mouse looks interesting, but I have to ask one question, what is the point of making a mouse with so many holes that it's practically a cheese grater while also adding a fuck ton of RGB to it? If they are going for as light as possible to the point that they are adding holes to the shell then surely the 5ish grams that the RGB are taking up isn't worth it, if they aren't going for that, why not just skip the holes and have a mouse that's like 5 grams heavier but feels much better to hold?

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    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      But ...

      people like RGB and light weight mouses/holes so let's make both!

    3. President Dawson Wehage

      President Dawson Wehage

      They should watercool a mouse, then I'll be impressed.

    4. Cyberspirit


      @Dawson Wehage My sweaty gamer hands already take care of that.