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With AIO at top, fans above or below the Rad?


Im going to move my AIO from the front of the case to the top as where it is now its blowing warm air on my RTX 3080 and warming it up. My case is a Coolermaster H500M and with this case there is the option to mount fans above the chassis but below the glass top to the case. When mounting a AIO at the top do the fans have to exhausting through the rad i.e. mounted under the rad, or can they be above the rad sucking air through the rad and out the top of the case?

Main reason I ask is there is not a lot off clearance to have rad and fans below the chassis, so it would be easier to have rad below the chassis and the fans above if this makes sense?

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Fans mounted above the chassis frame would be less effective since air would need to take several turns to exhaust out of the case ventilation holes. Here's an example: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/CYGG3C

What AIO are you using? Most should be able to fully fit within the chassis frame. 

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