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Dell 7577 1060 max-q, AOC CQ32G1 @1440p 144hz?

Hi There,


I recently bought this monitor that supports up to 1440p @ 144hz, I'm able to get 1080p @ 120hz or 1440p @ 100hz, but nothing above that, no signal and then it reverts itself (over desktop, I know this card won't handle such configurations in game).

This system doesn't have a DP output, so I'm relying on HDMI, I've done some research and if I'm able to get above 100hz, pretty sure the cable is already 2.0 or above, as 1.4 will just not go up to 100hz... If so, the cable should not be the issue, right? As 2.0 should support 144hz.


Note, I'm connecting to the hdmi 2.0 port of my monitor and this laptop's port is also 2.0, nvidia drivers up to date at this moment.


Then what?


1. Is this card just not able to handle 1440p @ 144hz even just at desktop level?

2. Could an HDMI to DP active adapter fix the issue/be supported? Any advantages of using one instead of plain HMDI anyway?

3. I heard the TB3 port on this computer is wired to the iGPU, would make sense to try with a TB3 to DP cable at all on that case?

4. Any config I could play with? Monitor/nvidia control panel/windows (have tried setting it up from both nvidia panel and windows already, no luck).


Thank you in advance!

control panel.png





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