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ZTE Axon 7 twrp flash failed? (Brick?)



I wanted to install a custom ROM, resurrection remix. I gathered a whole bunch of information on this and decided first I needed to unlock the boot loader, maybe get fast-boot to work? (which is removed apparently) and install a custom recovery first.

Thing is I tried to flash the recovery with the Axon7Tool and now I am stuck on this green ZTE logo loading screen, the device is already formatted.


enter image description here

I previously already successfully installed a Lineage OS (Android 9) ROM on a Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, which was also a little bit of a hassle but I got it working, probably a lot easier than this one though as there seem to be a bunch of steps. But I am not sure what to do here now.

I can't really seem to get it to boot up into anything else or connect it to ADB to see what is going on. Only thing I have found out so far is that nothing I would expect from android works on this phone...

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