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Hey guys, I have been looking at a new monitor for awhile, and have had my eye on the one as mentioned in the title. After watching the reviews, the drawback of this monitor seems to be the lack of contrast performance. My question is, as a person who games in a room that is always lit (I dont play in a dark room ever, maybe I am scared), will this even be an issue? Monitors seem to be the hardest thing for me to nail down, especially in our time atm.

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I have the same thought too about this monitor. It has excellent reviews except the contrast performance.


Currently, comparing these:

-LG Ultragear 27GL850
-Asus TUF VG27AQ
-Dell S2721DGF


These are equally priced, but the Gigabyte G27Q has the same stats, but is around 100 EUR cheaper.

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In the reviews I have seen, they all say the contrast is an issue, but only when using in the dark.


I use my s2721 which has the same panel in the dark, but have added bias lighting as advised in here. It has helped a lot.

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Thanks guys for the replies,l I am actually looking at the Dell S2721DGF and from what I have seen it is a slightly better Monitor. one thing I am curious about though is, I have a 2070 super for my graphics card, and am wondering if going from 144hz to 165hz will be an issue for it.

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Recently bought a 27GL850 -- beautiful monitor and after setting it up in sRGB with the brightness topped out; I've had zero compalints over image quality.


A small issue I have is how terrible 'HDR' is in the window envrioment. Super finiky and it often switches between SDR and HDR modes as windows tries to figure out what the hell it should be outputing.


A massive issue I have with the mointor is that, regardless of setup or config, the monitor will randomly 'blank' for a few seconds before restoring image.


Google searches show this to be a repeat issue for more than myself and I've currently not found a solution.


New DP cable didn't fix it, adjusting the adative sync limits didn't fix it, happens at all resolutions, all refresh rates with adaptive sync on or off and I've yet to solve the issue permently, although I have manage to make it happen much less often than it did when I first unboxed it.


edit - I have a 2070 and going from 1080p@75hz to 1440p@144hz changed almost nothing with regard to performance. The 2070 actually seems to enjoy the higher resolutoin.

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