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Hello Every One 


First Post.


 I Had an existing pc with roughly 8TB of installed games and just recently won 2 additional pc's and I'm trying to figure out how to use the three systems together. I'd like to set up the oldest machine with the installed software as a game server and have the two new machines be able to access it so I can game on either one while maybe stream on the other. I was looking at setting up the old machine using FREENAS which I guess would require me to reinstall all 8tb after its setup but would both my new machines be able to play games if I did this? 


 I've been playing around with sharing the drives from my old computer via my network and I can see the drive and some older game can be accessed and run but most wont run due to missing .DLL files and such since they werent installed on the new pc which I'm using to access them. 


 I hope this all makes sense. 

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