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Core Isolation on Ryzen 5 3600/B450MB

Hey, Im having a problem with my Gaming PC which drives me nuts.

I built the system myself and everything works perfectly. My stoneage NVIDIA TITAN BLACK (1080) runs all games on highest with ASUS B450-PLUS GAMING, AMD Ryzen 5 (3600) and M.2 SSD.


The built in security in Ryzen is nothing short of amazing. I dont even OC the CPU. I clock the bus with the BIOS profile 3200, which flips ALL the needed values correctly.


I can not get CORE ISOLATION to work. AMD supports it. ASUS claims nothing is wrong and it should work.

I have tried everything from turning it off and on again, to look at each registry value in detail, using dmp debug tools and even uninstall every single driver, one by one, engage core isolation, reboot. Rince repeat.

Windows system is not showing a single log that relates to issues with secure boot, CPU virtualization, virus problems and or any driver clashes or issues.


CPU Virtualization is enabled in BIOS. BIOS updated. Win 10 updated, etc.

When I engage Core Isolation in Win 10 security section, and reboots, I always get a blue screen after post, before login.


Has anyone had any experience of this?


I have removed all ASUS lightning, Armor crate etc


What the heck can cause this and how do I get the Core Isolation on?

Ryzen CPU has built in hardware and is immune to both Spectre and Meltdown. Is that a reason why Core Isolation cant get enabled? Because its not needed?



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