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Hi, I am wanting to turn boost clock on for my i5-4590 (non k)


I am wondering if the stock looking cooler is enough and if not i am looking at



also how do i go about enabling boost clock, i cant find any such features in the bios what should i use

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17 minutes ago, random_guy_with_questions said:

i cant find any such features in the bios

That i5 is a locked skew (non k). That means that you cannot change most clock related settings f.e. the multiplier or boosting behavior. What you probably can change (depending on your bios) is the base clock. By default it should be 100MHz if I remember correctly. With a fixed multiplier of f.e. 35 you would get 3,5GHz. If you increase the base frequenzy to let's say 103MHz you get 103MHz*35 = 3,6GHz.

Be aware though that changing the base frequenzy will also change the RAM and chipset frequenzy which might lead to instability.

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The overclocking you are able to do (base clock modifications) are small enough that stock cooler is fine. In reality, buying better system when this can't do what you need is best way to go.

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