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  1. I am thinking about getting a h150i pro rgb xt for my sysem i want to know if the fans are rgb
  2. im in Australia and money is the same as canadian and it's about $100 more
  3. I have seen many instances that there is an F series and a Non-F series CPU like i5 10400, i5 10400f what is the difference they have the same core count, clock speeds thread count and so on I have seen that the F is always cheaper why is that
  4. I am thinking for my CPU on a rtx 3070 build could i get by on an i310100f or should I go for the i5 10400f keeping in mind that i am also looking to run discord and YouTube. Noting that after i get the 3070 i will start saving for an i9 10900 will the bottlenecking do significant bottlenecking issues on a game like rise of the tomb raider
  5. Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 Twin X2 OC 8G Graphics Card
  6. i hear they can be shady and have bad thermals please give me some info i am lost
  7. Hi i have found 2 3070's i may buy the inno 3d (non ichill) and the 3070 eagle thing from gigabyte is the inno3d cooling as good as the tripplefan eagle and is it 11.5% or more worse (cost difference) thanks, me
  8. 144hz 1080p 27 inch fps games like rainbow 6 seige
  9. probably going to use this Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB CPU Cooler just wondering though is 2600 able (at boost) to run 3070 without mmuch bottlenecking?
  10. i meant is able to run on boost consistantly without thermal throttaling
  11. is the silver stone kr03 an improvement over stock for boost clock
  12. hi i am interested in buying a ryzen 5 2600 and am wondering for boost clock in non air-con what is the minimum cooler (price) to consistently run it on boost clock when it's 36 degrees outside (summer)
  13. New question i have different pricing where i live so 3600 is 320 and 2600 is 220 and on cpu.userbenchmark.com it said 8% fps difference so what should i do im leaning towards 2600but not sure
  14. I am looking to buy a new cpu and wondering for gaming alone is there any point of going from ryzen 5 to 7 (3rd gen) with a 2070 super? note: i have not built anything and am currently running a i5 4570 and need an upgrade
  15. Alive, person resembling alien from area-51

  16. doesn't exist its the 3070 they have dropped the 60 series and added a 90
  17. Also i'm from Australia too, check out this from umart it is cheaper and faster ram https://www.umart.com.au/Silicon-Power-16GB-DDR4-2666MHz-UDIMM-Desktop-Memory_56805G.html ($67 aud) edit: on umart it also has 2400 ram in 2 dimms 8gb each for $84 if you want 2 dimms
  18. would work its less speed than it comes with butt still ddr4 sometines speed is limited to higher speed as long as it's the same ddr and slower or equal to preinstalled/motherboard max speed (whichever is higher) it will work