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  1. Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 Twin X2 OC 8G Graphics Card
  2. i hear they can be shady and have bad thermals please give me some info i am lost
  3. Hi i have found 2 3070's i may buy the inno 3d (non ichill) and the 3070 eagle thing from gigabyte is the inno3d cooling as good as the tripplefan eagle and is it 11.5% or more worse (cost difference) thanks, me
  4. 144hz 1080p 27 inch fps games like rainbow 6 seige
  5. probably going to use this Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB CPU Cooler just wondering though is 2600 able (at boost) to run 3070 without mmuch bottlenecking?
  6. i meant is able to run on boost consistantly without thermal throttaling
  7. is the silver stone kr03 an improvement over stock for boost clock
  8. hi i am interested in buying a ryzen 5 2600 and am wondering for boost clock in non air-con what is the minimum cooler (price) to consistently run it on boost clock when it's 36 degrees outside (summer)
  9. New question i have different pricing where i live so 3600 is 320 and 2600 is 220 and on cpu.userbenchmark.com it said 8% fps difference so what should i do im leaning towards 2600but not sure
  10. I am looking to buy a new cpu and wondering for gaming alone is there any point of going from ryzen 5 to 7 (3rd gen) with a 2070 super? note: i have not built anything and am currently running a i5 4570 and need an upgrade
  11. Alive, person resembling alien from area-51

  12. doesn't exist its the 3070 they have dropped the 60 series and added a 90