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I need a pc cabinet for $50 , i would prefer looks of that like aerocool cylon or  Corsair spec 05. 


I will be using a 1650 super and Ryzen 3 3100 and will be over clocking both of them.


Also please rank 3 best because of availablity issues.


P.s. in getting a Corsair spec 05 brand new for $35 from a friend, he bought it and havnt even unboxed it yet. should I consider buying it from him?


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If you’ve got availability issues you may have price differences too. It’s pretty hard to say.


PcPartPicker.com has a lot of nations available.  The prices and availability change a lot between them.  We don’t know which one you live in.  

What I can say, is that while you will need decent airflow it’s not super critical.  Ryzen2 doesn’t clock very well so it’s really really unlikely you’ll be drawing more than 350w at full load.  

from the looks of the cases mentioned you want something with a solid front that has some rgb on it.  Solid front cases are known for poorer airflow.  You may be able to get away with that because your system doesn’t need all that much cooling. DIYPC, HEC or Rosewill are case makers commonly available in the US that might have something that works for you. I don’t know where you are though so that could be useless. 

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