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Are there good current/upcoming 4k gaming monitors?

The current market for a decent 4k gaming monitor is really vacant. The closest to being a perfect monitor is the monitor I have tried last week and about to return which is the Asus XG27U. It has everything a gamer could ask for except its HDR which is pointless I'll be returning it because of the vertical line that appeared after using it for just 5 days. I could rebuy it again, but it was actually small (played on 3440x1440 for quite sometime now), so I'd rather to buy another one with these specs: at least 4k resolution, 32", 120hz refresh rate, and 600 HDR. All panels are welcomed except TN and VA.


Now I know Acer and Asus are gonna release their $3,500 32" 4k monitors with 120hz refresh rate. Sounds like the perfect monitor, but it is so expensive and it is not even OLED. There is also another one coming from MSI similar to the one I mentioned, but its an LCD IPS panel unlike the Asus's and Acer's FLAD monitors. Any words on what happened to those monitors? I thought they will be released this year. Perhaps you've heard of other 4k monitors coming this year or already out on the market you could mention them here. Thanks. 




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3 minutes ago, dilpickle said:

Think bigger and get the LG CX OLED.

intriguing, only if it was smaller though...

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