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Searching for a similar case to the BitFenix Prodigy

I'm looking for a case like the BitFenix Prodigy for my first personal desktop computer build. I've sort of fallen in love with its design, as it seems to have all the features I want.

- Horizontal mount mini-itx motherboard.

- Space above CPU socket for large tower cooler.
- Multiple 3.5 inch hard drive bays.

- Space for full size Nvidia xx80 series graphics card.

- Good airflow with multiple large fans, mesh front panel, etc. (goal is virtually silent and completely dark)

- Side air intake/vent (graphics card cooling)


I'd love to buy a used BitFenix Prodigy in good shape, but the few used ones I've found on ebay ship from the EU, which brings the price ~$200+ USD, which is unreasonable.

Are there other cases which have the same features and still look cool? Every other mini-itx case I've seen doesn't have the head room for a large tower cooler and a horizontal mount board, and I don't want to use an AIO water cooler.
I'm looking for recommendations for similar cases.

Many thanks.


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