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Random restarts

The problem I’m having is random system restarts, sometimes just a black screen for a second or two then a restart minutes later. Happens seemingly randomly no matter what the system is doing, gaming/chrome/idle. Occurs at stock and overclocked.


Sometimes restarts like normal, sometimes takes a while to reboot.


Errors include

Live kernel event 141 and 117 off the top of my head, can give full crash dump later.


CPU: Ryzen 3600

Mobo: B550i aorus pro ax

GPU: gigabyte windforce 1660 super oc

Ram: crucial ballistix 16GB 3600mhz cl16 

PSU: Corsair SF750

SSD: Sabrent rocket 1TB 

Case: it’s on an OBT mini (open air test bench)

It’s a mish mash of parts pending upgrades lol



So far I have tested:

- Different PSU

- Different GPU

- Different install of windows on different ssd

- Memtest with no errors (haven’t yet tried new mem)

Bios up to date and stock, graphics drivers reinstalled

No luck so far


I have a suspicion my issue stems from the fact I don’t have a power button yet so have just been shorting the power pins for the mobos 3 weeks of life. Probably shorting the wrong pins every now and then.


Does anyone have any experience with an issue like this, before I continue working my way through parts.

Thanks in advance 

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Maybe make sure there's no debris sitting in those front panel connectors, any bits of metal or anything conductive. Grab some canned air and blow it off. You can get momentary switch and some wire from a hardware store to fashion a better button for your setup. Or you could get one with a plug for the mobo headers for a buck or two on the intertubes. 
Have you tried resetting your BIOS to optimized defaults? There may be some voltage or power regulation setting that's possibly gone wonky. 

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