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    Bellingham, WA
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    90s & Early 00s computing, Subarus, FD RX7s, photography, guitar, bass, keybaords, violin, engineering, graphic design


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    i7-4770k @ 4.5, +.075v offset
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    ASUS Z97 Deluxe
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    32GB Corsair DDR3-1600 @ 1800mhz
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    ASUS GTX 1070Ti Cerbrerus @ 2010mhz
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    NZXT H440
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    Samsung 870 Evo 500GB NVMe (Win + some games), 3x Samsung 840 Evo (macOS 10.13.6, Ubuntu Budgie 20.04LTS, games & stuff), 2x 3TB Segate
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    EVGA 850W 80+ Gold
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    LG UltraGear 27GL850
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    Noctua NH-D15, 4x Noctua 120mm (3x front intake, 1x top exhaust), 1x Noctua 140mm (rear exhaust)
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    Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard (as seen on GamersNexus)
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    Logitech wireless bought at OfficeMax (or Apple MagicMouse v1)
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    Behringer FCA-202 Firewire (macOS + Linux)
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    macOS 10.13.6, Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS, Windows 10
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    Dell Latitude XT3

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  1. Is your array controller configured? Also check that hpsa package is installed in Ubuntu, it provides access to HP Smart Array controllers. Tech Mike NY - P410i Array Configuration Guide Ubuntu Manuals - hpsa
  2. What version of Win Server? What storage controllers are in your ProLiant? Does the BIOS detect your boot storage? Have you tried booting Ubuntu or similar off USB and checking on your drives there? These generally have RAID or SAS controllers, which are usually not recognized by the hot garbage that is Windows Setup. There should be an option to install 3rd party storage controller drivers on the screen to select your install location, on all versions since 2008.
  3. What mobo are you using? Since you can get into Win, boot into safe mode (or boot Recovery mode from a Win install disk), open an admin cmd prompt, and type these four commands, enter after each, to rebuild your Master Boot Record: bootrec /FixMbr bootrec /FixBoot bootrec /ScanOs bootrec /RebuildBcd
  4. Okay, to me that would point more towards a motherboard issue, if Windows isn't producing a BSOD before the sys restarts. It could just be an electrical issue with the physical traces connecting to your M.2 slot or a weak solder. You can try one of those cheap M.2 to regular PCIe add-in cards, assuming it's not an issue with PCIe in general on your mobo. If your mobo is out of warranty and you're already resigned to replacing it, you could apply a heat gun underneath the M.2 slot and press it into the board, could solve a possible loose solder, could loosen other solder. Bit of a crap
  5. Did you replace the thermal paste? Or has it been the 5 years since it was built? FX CPUs aren't known for stellar thermals, so 5 years of working hard for its money would probably dry that paste right up. Also make sure your fans are all working and your cooler fins are clean (ish, don't have to be sparkling).
  6. What generation MacBook Air? Not all of them are PCIe NVMe M.2 drives, a lot of slightly older MacBooks used SATA M.2 drives. Is it one of those dual slot doo-hickeys? The closest slot to the PCIe fingers is for PCIe connected NVMe M.2 drives, the one further away is for SATA M.2 drives and requires the SATA header on the back of the card be connected to one of your motherboard's SATA ports. On Intel's specification page it lists the H110 chipset as incompatible with any of their PCIe storage technologies. I'm not super familiar with that chipset, but it seems pretty bare bones. Th
  7. My concept art for an "F in the Chat for LTX 2020" Floatplane emote. Inspired by pre-WAN show discussion on FP today. Also @Linus if your employees refuse to make a design for gaudy Juicy Couture-esque sweatpants, I'll design them for you. Edit: Made it smaller, so it didn't take so long to load/so much of the screen. Oops.
  8. What settings are you running at vs. your friend and the benchmarks you watched online? Do you have the latest nVidia Game Drivers installed? If you upgraded your card with the existing drivers in place, there can be some wonkiness. It's usually a bigger issue when swapping across generations, but try using DDU in Safe Mode to nuke your existing drivers, and clean install the most up to date nVidia GeForce Game Ready Driver from their website. When you play with your mem clocks, is your IF clock still at 1:1 with your DRAM speed (i.e. IF clock is 1/2 the DDR speed you configured in
  9. All of mine were something in the connection/image processing hardware, not the panel itself, it could still display OSD, but no input signals.
  10. Is it possible that windows throws an error before your PC restarts? Go to control panel, system & security, system, advanced system options, startup and recovery tab, settings, uncheck "automatically restart on error" OK out of everything, reboot, and wait for it to go all hookie again. It will help to determine if your board is restarting itself when this storage error occurs (probably indicating an issue with the pcie on the mobo, since it's nvme) or if windows hangs on a storage error (probably indicating an issue with the drive itself).
  11. I'm considerably younger than Linus. It's probably more that they're a decently small prebuilt shop based in Oregon with absolutely no intention of increasing in size or capacity. I'm sure at the time that Voodoo was bought by HP and Alienware by Dell, Falcon had some offers. And I don't just mean LTT should check out a box they made, I mean like a full Puget Systems-eque tour of their facility (obv not so possible right now given the current global situation). They staff air brushing artists! Maximum PC magazine in the early-mid 00s featured Falcons on the cover from time to time. Usu
  12. How come Linus (or anybody really, for that matter) never covers Falcon Northwest prebuilts? Maybe they're not quite at the prowess they once were, but they still make some pretty cool small form factor PCs, and they're they longest running independent gaming PC manufacturer that I know of. They put a lot of pride in their craftsmanship and do some pretty cool stuff with case graphics. Not biased, or anything, but I still own and [retro] game on my family's first x86 PC, a Falcon Northwest Mach V from '99.
  13. Yes, but if it was set to some aggressive power saving mode this could point out the cause, and then be set properly after. It narrows the search significantly, by pointing to a misconfiguration of some power limiter or energy saving feature. If it doesn't change anything, put it back how it was, and move on. I also said only to set the max CPU state to 100%, not the min.
  14. Had it previously been booting with XMP on? Or did you turn it on, and now it can't boot? If the former, the IMC on your chip may have degraded from being run right around where its limit is, and you can try manually setting the highest freq it can run. You may be able to tighten up some timings at the lower speed, to claw back some performance. But yeah, 1000 series had kinda weak IMCs compared to later Ryzen chips. Big reason why it took until 3000 for Ryzen to really start to compete with Intel, because the mem speed affects a lot more on Zen than Intel.