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  1. The problem I’m having is random system restarts, sometimes just a black screen for a second or two then a restart minutes later. Happens seemingly randomly no matter what the system is doing, gaming/chrome/idle. Occurs at stock and overclocked. Sometimes restarts like normal, sometimes takes a while to reboot. Errors include Live kernel event 141 and 117 off the top of my head, can give full crash dump later. System CPU: Ryzen 3600 Mobo: B550i aorus pro ax GPU: gigabyte windforce 1660 super oc Ram: crucial ballistix 16GB 3600mhz cl16
  2. Follow on, would this unit be a lot more solid Cooler master MWE Gold 750W MPY-7501-AFAAG-UK Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply, you’re right my bad I’m new to forums altogether lol That all seems logical, I think that’s what I’ll end up doing when I upgrade
  4. With the problems this PSU has, how likely is it to take the system or parts of the system with it if it fails by putting a part that requires too much power in? Thanks Jimmy Jim
  5. likely to take the system with it when it goes or not? it was literally the only one i could find when i got it lol
  6. Hello all, Need help deciding if i should upgrade or if i make make do with my current 620w psu (Seasonic SS-620GM2 M12II-EVO 620W (80+Bronze, ATX 12V)) Rest of the system: R5 3600 stock cooler B450m Mortar Max 1x random 120mm and 1x pure wings 140mm fans 1x pcie ssd+ 1x ssd Thanks