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is there a way to have multiple worlds on a minecraft server, and how do i do it?

i have multiverse 2 and lobbyapi installed on my server.

update: i want to have a specific overworld world link up with a specific nether world. is there a way to do that?

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adding nether request

gaming is fun

but it costs money

why does gaming have to cost money




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16gb 2666mhz ram

480gb sata ssd

2tb hdd

msi geforce rtx 2060 super

asrock b360 mobo

ibuypower stock ares m1 keyboard

logitech m705 wireless mouse

some old samsung 1080p60hz monitor

and the most important part, rgb

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It's been years since I've done this but you already have the plugin. You can either create worlds in-game or through terminal, or import worlds as well. Some things may have changed but to import a world, I put the folder the world was in, in the root directory of the server location. An example command would be something like "/mv import worldname normal."

Portals can also be created but all of this is well documented and you'd have better luck following youtube videos or reading through the command reference. https://github.com/Multiverse/Multiverse-Core/wiki/Command-Reference


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