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Addicted to the process - almost more so than the finished product!

🙂 What started out as an opportunity to get a more-than-decent CUDA render PC has grown into an obsession.. I am now going all-in and stretching my budget just a tad over the limit, and enjoy spending time doing research and coming up with new ideas!


I've been on this planning stage for almost three months now, and every time I feel I'm getting close, something just pops up - but I'm not stressing out; I want to do it right - and seeing this is my first ever custom loop project I figured time spent investigating and planning is a solid investment.


So now I'm reaching out to the knowledgeable out there - and want your feedback on the following:


My base system will be a Threadripper 3960X with 64GB RAM and 2 x Titan RTX GPUs. For the past month or so I've planned around using a Heatkiller IV Pro CPU block and Aquacomputer Kryographics NEXT 2080TI with AQC Kryographics Active XCS backplates for the GPUs in a Corsair 1000D case with 2 x XSPC RX 480 radiators and 2 x XSPC RX 360 Radiators.


Pump of choice is the EK Dual D5 with the X3 150 Lite reservoir and I want a single loop.


The major downsides to the above project is that a) 4 radiators = a lot of tubing, fans and fittings and b) can't be done without the Corsair 8 x 120mm tray which is more of an urban legend than an actually available product.


Then I stumbled upon the Thermaltake Core W200 case and saw a potentially cleaner build...


Would I be totally insane to think that I could use the left chamber of this case for the system including pump / res and then put 2 x Black Ice Nemesis GTR 560 Radiators in the right chamber?


It would be no problem to create positive pressure in the left chamber to exhaust the hot air + I could use a regular front intake + rear exhaust in the right chamber for sufficient airflow for the VRMs and NVME.


The 1000D is a lovely, big, case - but for practical application I think the W200 would suit me better; fewer radiators but still sufficient area, 16 fans as opposed to 28 on the rads alone and not having to worry about hot air for the rest of the components. 


Searching for W200 and uses, I haven't seen this particular setup yet - which is why I am eager to learn if it can be done :-)!

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