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Multiple Displays No Longer Working


This may be a long-winded question...but here it goes.

gpu: gtx 1080


so, my original setup was 3 27" monitors and a 24" on top connected via 1 HDMI 2 DP and 1DVI

the three 27" are 2560x1080 and the other was 1920x1080

they all worked fine on the morning of the issue

today I got a new monitor that is 2560x1440

I removed the 1920x1080 monitor and replaced it with the new one.


so now my connections are 1HDMI and 3DP


the problem im having is as soon as got the new monitor and connected everything, now my pc only detects the new monitor on one DP and one of my originals on the HDMI.


here is the odd part...when i switch ports on the gpu, nothing changes still the same results..

if i switch cables on the monitors, those monitors will display..but only the two that came from the HDMI and the new monitors provided DP cable...

AND i even hooked up the old DVI screen and it popped up fine...


I contacted NVIDIA support and they had no answers to resolve the issue. 


ive unplugged and replugged everything and updated all drivers possible, I even reseated my GPU as well


Im lost at this point. 


thank you for reading

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