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Phantom 2 drone battery mod

Hi there my name is Tristan munz and I am looking for someone to please give me some simple guidance on installing my own custom battery in a dji phantom 2. 

I developed my own battery but powers the drone on and doesn't let it take off and gives it the red light error saying no flight possible (and recognises it as a non dji intelligent battery so how can I bypass this)

Please if anybody knows of a trick or cable that would need modding inside the drone please let me know I'm desperate and is for a client who needs this drone 

Kinda regards 


Feel most welcome to reply on the forum or my email is tristanmunz@gmail.com

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dji calls their batteries "Intelligent Flight Battery" so if i had to guess (as someone who has never owned a dji drone so take this with a fistful of salt) the battery has some protection against non authorized batteries, so you couldn't use your own batteries without using their own circuitry

edit: looks like i am correct, though if you have one of the dji batteries that is failing, you could replace the cells of them, at least according to this forum post.

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added more info

CPU: AMD 3600X

GPU: Nvidia 3070 (planned)

motherboard: MSI B500-A PRO

memory: G Skill Ripjaws V 2x8 GB 3600Mhz CL16

PSU: EVGA B3 650@

Case: NZXT H510

wireless network adapter: intel ax200

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