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Micro SD Not Detected




I have a micro SD card. I usually use it for my DSLR camera. But recently, I formatted it and now it is not detected by my computer. My other SD cards detected, so the problem is on the specific micro SD.


It's not detected by the computer but it's detected in the EaseUS Partition Master software. I was able to format it as NTFS and default cluster size. Now it's detected by the computer, I was able to transfer files into it. But when I disconnect and connect it again, only micro SD's name is appearing on the file explorer. I can't enter it, and EaseUS can't detect it too. I have no option left other than formatting it again on the DSLR.


How can I make my micro SD work again? I don't think it's a defect since it's only 1-year-old Kingston micro SD.

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