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    Photography, video editing, and some computer rigs
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    I'm a newbie, learning about PC rigs.
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    Intel i5-8250U
  • RAM
    Bought it as 4 GB DDR4 and added 4 GB more, never buy a laptop with under 8 GB of RAM!
  • GPU
    Nvidia Geforce MX150
  • Storage
    256 GB M.2.
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    Full HD IPS screen, enough for daily use.
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    Internal fan + laptop cooler which helps when folding and gaming.
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    Internal keyboard 😂
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    Philips M344 Wireless Mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home
  • Laptop
    Acer Swift 3.

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  1. Well said @Darkseth, I understood it well. I also heard about the support is bad. Sometimes I needed to contact the support for things like "How much RAM slot this laptop has". They simply won't give an answer and require you to go to the Acer service nearby (I'm in Turkey, the only service is available in Istanbul which is 600 km away). The community generally helps. @dizmo , the thermals. I have that issue. Well, my laptop is an ultrabook but it has discrete graphics. But it throttles at 70℃, just a few seconds after I start a game or video rendering. I changed the limit to 95℃,
  2. I use Acer for like 6 years (I'm 17 btw), no problems till now. My parents have used Acer branded laptops since the 2000s, and they never encountered a problem. But when somebody asks about what brand is good, they usually say "avoid Acer" or something like that. Does Acer make bad laptops, or am I'm missing some awesome features other brands offer that Acer doesn't offer on their laptops?
  3. Some will say "you play these?" to me but, NFS The Run is one of the underrated games if you ask me. The only racing game I noticed that only go forwards (no laps, you go from San Francisco to New York).
  4. He tells me he has the recovery key and identifier code. But he saved them on a text document, on the encrypted drive. The name of the file was the identifier code, so he only knows the identifier code. He can't open the file obviously because it's encrypted. I feel sorry for him
  5. Hi, I have a friend. He has a disk on his computer which has BitLocker encryption. Previously, he somewhat cloned the disk into his backup drive before he formats his computer. The issue is, now he can't access the files that are BitLocker encrypted. He says there is nothing on the BitLocker recovery page on Microsoft's website. Seems like the BitLocker key is just not saved (or deleted) or he didn't sign in when the disk is being encrypted. He has the disk's identifier code fortunately but how can he use the identifier code to find the BitLocker recovery co
  6. I'm searching for a way where I can make my laptop multi-user. One user will use the laptop directly from it, the other one will use it remotely from another PC (wirelessly). Two users will use the laptop independently (not like Teamviewer or remote access). Is it possible?
  7. Hi, I and my little brother have a laptop. The issue is, my computer has mid-end components and my brother's computer has low-end components (UHD 520 Graphics), which makes my brother not satisfied with his gaming experience. I want to let him play on my computer but I usually use my computer, and this requires him to stop play for a while when I need. So this came to my mind: Is it possible to stream games from my computer to his computer (Steam Remote Play for example), but still I'll be able to use the computer without interrupting him? Just like making 2
  8. Man, the poll just don't show up. The poll has choices of: 7th to 8th gen 8th to 9th gen 9th to 10th gen 10th to 11th gen
  9. What was the last good advancement over a generation, Intel has made? Edit: Man, the poll just don't show up. The poll has choices of: 7th to 8th gen 8th to 9th gen 9th to 10th gen 10th to 11th gen
  10. Last week, I've got new headphones. It is Bluetooth, it connects to the laptop without any problem. A new problem is, I use my MP3 player to listen to songs. But the Bluetooth headphones obviously can't connect to the MP3 player because it's not Bluetooth capable. What can I do, is there any AUX to Bluetooth converter that I can use to pair my headphones to the MP3 player?
  11. If Linux can emulate or run all Windows programs (including all games) without a need of emulator or virtual machine which sacrifies the performance, why not?
  12. I'm searching for an add-on or something where I can see the folder sizes instantly in the File Explorer (the default one doesn't show it). I don't want to open properties or Treesize or every time I want to look at the folder size (also I don't prefer to use any third-party File Explorer). Do you guys have any suggestions?
  13. Congrats to the winners I enjoyed it a lot, I didn't win but I learned how to overclock the laptop GPU properly (higher frequencies with undervolted values) and make cooling steady (putting a 10 cm metal piece between the laptop's hot area and the cooling pad metal did decrease the overall average temperature over 5 degree Celsius, lol). Hopefully, one day I'll be able to join again with a GTX or RTX GPU. Until then, see ya later!