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Msconfig and windows update problem

Hey guys!


After watching Linus for more than two years I decided to join the forum. However, I have two problems with my windows.

First and foremost, in msconfig under boot tab there is nothing in "system" screen and because of that I am unable to use safe boot (I attach the screenshot - the system is in polish, but I think, everyhing is clear). Anyone knows how to fix that?


And the other problem I have is about windows update. I cant update it. I have restarted services in services.msc cleaned softwaredistribution folder. And during the installation, every single time there is a failure and windows says that it could not complete the updates and undo changes. Any ideas to that as well?



Adnotacja 2020-05-19 175917.png

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I don't know where your problem is with that screenshot. Just mark "Bezpieczny rozruch", select "Minimalny" and press "OK". Then after restart you'll get safe boot.


About your update problem - revert any changes and "improvements" you made using (probably) 3rd party tools or registry edit. If you don't know which one, download OO ShutUp 10 and re-enable everything under "Windows Update" section.


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