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Need help diagnosing CS:GO lag/stutter

I play CS:GO competitively in amateur online leagues. I normally have no problems with the game but over the past two weeks I've been experiencing lag/stutter.



  • I don't experience ping spikes
  • I don't experience packet loss
  • I don't experience frame drops below 180 fps
  • My internet is 500 megabits per second download
  • My hardware is: 2070 Super, i7 9700k, 16GB RAM, Win10 + CS:GO are on a SSD
  • My monitor is an ASUS 144hz 1080p monitor connected to the 2070 Super via displayport cable

Attempted fixes:

  • I verified the game files
  • Uninstalled and re-installed
  • Adjusted graphics and audio settings
  • Ensured computer's power settings were set for max performance
  • Ensured all cores were enabled

I run other games like CoD: MW and DayZ with no issues at all.



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Do you see bursts of choke if you play with net_graph 5 up? Valve servers / the network in between taking a dump is what i normally see causing my stutters. Nothing you can do about that. Valve is just being cheap with their servers.

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