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  1. Raising the minimum wage, on it's own, won't fix anything. It won't even help people who are suffering right now. You'd be better off mandating shipments of food to every household with an AGI below $X. "You can't pay rent with food!" True, but you don't die with food, and you do die without food. Exposure can also kill, so I'm NOT saying homelessness is ideal. It's just a problem better solved by fixing society than by providing everyone a tent. The real problem is income fairness. When you have a CEO earning $500/hr {effective $1mill/year wage rate} and the minimum wage people ea
  2. The desk is MDF covered in a veneer wrap to make it look like wood. I don't want to find out how durable that is by repeatedly mousing on it. Also, tracking on the surface kinda sucks. Finally, it is *so* smooth that the mouse will move on its own or with the slightest of touches. I want slightly more friction. 'why not a normal mousepad' every cloth pad I've ever had curls at the edges within a year. I want something that doesn't bow/curl.
  3. Used office furniture stores should have Steelcase Leap V2s for around $350. Well, pre-pandemic they did. I don't know if the pandemic has inflated those prices. But I'd say look around for those. The chairs retail for over $1000, but they are literally the most common/popular office chair for a reason. They'll easily last 10 years, and $350 should get you a gently used one.
  4. I wandered around the local Microcenter and never really found anything that suited my fancy. The closest I got was this 'Allsop' super-thin mousepad with a sticky back. Well, that lasted about 1 month before it started to curl up at the edges. I also tried a hard plastic table placemat (like, for eating; something you'd give a messy kid). It also curled after a few months of use. I'm good with DIY; I don't need it to be 'gamer' themed. The closest example I have to what I want is an old alienware mousepad I got with a PC back in 2005. It was around 2mm thick and rigid plastic. It had a rough
  5. I wish playing EVE Online was a requirement for believing in the Free Market, so that people would actually understand what a free market was. See, so the problem you're having here is that time to establish yourself = not a regulation problem = regulations can't fix. But that's backwards. If you wanted to open up an ISP tomorrow, could you? Yes! Great, how could you run internet to the homes? Well, the apartment buildings would be the first places you'd want to offer service to, since they are high density. But those have exclusive contracts with the incumbant ISP,
  6. You fail to understand my point. So you buy a new Dell and decide to upgrade the GPU. You bought it with a 1660 Ti, but you want to put a 3080 in. So you go to do that and...discover that the PSU only has a single 4-pin PCI-E power connector "You mean 6!" No. I mean 4, because Dell custom. "OK, no problem, let me change out the power supply." So you buy a new PSU. You go to plug in the 24-pin connector only to find that Dell does not use a 24-pin connector, so you can't plug in your new PSU to the motherboard. So now you need a new motherboard. You get the motherboard and discover
  7. The reason why is best explained this way: It is easy to build an analog computer that poos all over a digital one at a specific task. But for the set of all tasks, you don't need a computer that is tuned to do any one thing perfectly, you need a system that is designed to a specification and consistently hits that specification. In the case of digital vs analog, that spec is that 'data start' and 'data stop' are known with digital (rising and/or falling edges of the signal) but with analog you have a basically infinite number of ways that a signal may be interpreted. W
  8. So, that doesn't work with Dell. There are probably a few other pre-built sellers that won't work with as well, and it's hard to know if you can/can't upgrade something without knowing what to check ahead of time, which a newbie wouldn't. Dell, for example, has a custom power supply (in terms of both form factor and cable-out) which cannot be upgraded. The motherboard expects these custom pinouts, so replacing the PSU or MOBO requires replacing both. The cases are typically not ATX compatible, since Dell also makes the mobo just slightly-off spec. "Basically, don't buy Dell." Yea,
  9. @LinusTech Thank you for this WAN show. It was everything I imagined about you realizing 'holy crap this is actually making a lot of money'. I haven't laughed that hard in a loooonnnggg time. I can't explain why, but you will not see good conversion over to floatplane if you try to go that way. I mean, by all means, try. But I don't think you'll see many people follow you over there. That said, if you manage to do it, I'm sure a few onlyfans creators would happily follow you over there too purely because they like competition. Every Anthony ASMR video ends up paying 5 dev's salar
  10. For those wondering, Hydrogen is plentiful, it's true. But we cannot actually create it in an energy efficient way that is also carbon neutral. Everyone says "electrolysis!" but here's the reality. It takes 48 KwH to create 1 KG of hydrogen (citation). That 1 KG of hydrogen only contains 33 KwH of energy (citation). Note That assumes you could get 100% of the energy out of the hydrogen, which we can't. So you actually get less than 33 KwH/kg. Now, there are other ways to create hydrogen, but all of them involve fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Nuclear reactors can create hydrogen in a bunch of
  11. *looks at date of article* *checks EPA website* Sir, this is a shitpost / april fool's joke.
  12. I gotta say...I am NOT a fan of shirtless linus talking to me. I get it, like, I'm not mad. It's april fools, haha. But anyway, the sad thing was, they'd probably *actually* make a shitload of money selling ASMR content from ...weirdo is too strong a word; people with very different tastes and social norms than I have. Like...I'd love to see the 2022 budget report and have Linus deadpan into the camera "and our onlyfans now makes up 30% of LTT's revenue...you all need to seek professional help." Or just, whatever quip he'll come up with because I know he would not actually laugh about that. No
  13. My personal theory: GME will trigger a market collapse. When this happens, crypto will pop at the same time. I suspect it will be a repeat of the 1920s.
  14. I guess this is the correct thread to put my thoughts on this: On the last WAN Show (3/26) Linus mentioned and quickly got shot down on the idea of buying scalper cards and reselling them at fair prices. I agree that LMG should NOT buy scalper cards. I understand his thought process and justification, and I appreciate Linus as a good human trying to do good things. This, however, is a case of the road to hell being paved with good intentions. You do not punish your children when they misbehave by rewarding them. Same thing with scalpers. I don't hate the scalpers. I understand they
  15. Eh, Japan has had nuclear power for decades and been fine. Fukushima happened largely due to: 1. Operator greed 2. Regulatory capture (It's common practice for CEOs to take high paying jobs with regulatory bodies after they serve a few years as CEOs. This is bad. Very, very bad.) 3. Lack of upgrades / maintenance / implementation of best practices/lessons learned from other worldwide nuclear incidents. For example, the Fukushima reactors didn't have the hydrogen vent pipes required by law in all US reactors after Three Mile Island. Taiwan currently has no plans to bu