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Fan configuration H700 case + NH-D15


I have a brand new (first) build that I want to BIOS overclock in the near future, once I'm done checking everything and learning the ins and outs of OCing:



Ryzen 7 3700x

GTX 1660 super 6G OC (bought cheap on sale, waiting for the 3080 series)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3GHz

Corsair 850W

Noctua NH-D15



Right now I'm using the default H700 setup (three front intake fans and one back exhaust fan) along with the 2-fan setup of the NH-D15. I'm thinking this isn't balanced enough (not enough exhaust) for OCing but I'm not sure. Would moving the bottom front fan to the back of the top panel as exhaust be a better setup? How much OC capacity do you think I would have with this overall setup? 


Also, if you have any thoughts or comments on my build (other than the potential GPU bottleneck...), I'd be interested, thanks!

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1 hour ago, boggy77 said:

yeah you could move the fan as you said, it would probably help with the vrms of that motherboard that are terrible.

any advice on overclocking a motherboard with bad VRMs? 

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