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I currently have the new Valve Index, Unfortunately my room is very small so I cannot get the full experience.


I am currently looking at purchasing a 15 metre Display Port cable + Display port extension (to get the male to female connections). So i can get a wired connection from my room with my pc to my living room that has plenty of space.


Okay down to my questions.


Will there be any downsides in general to this method?

Will there be any extra Input delay?

With a 15 metre and display port extension will I still be able to run the 144hz screens?

Do you know of any other way I use my VR headset in a different room without moving my pc?

Would it increase the motion sickness at all?


If you guys have any experience with this or have more knowledge than  I do it would be very much appreciated!







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Cable length is rarely the issue. if your Index runs without glitching, then it's fine.

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            Drives: Samsung 970 EVO plus 250GB, Micron 1100 2TB, Seagate ST4000DM000/1F2168 GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 ti Black edition

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