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'Lyrics' tag in FLAC files.


I've been trying to edit the 'Unsyncedlyrics' and 'Lyrics' tag for FLAC files in 'mp3tag' for Windows and 'Star Music Tag Editor' for Android unsuccessfully. I don't know if there's something special about FLAC tagging that i'm not aware, i don't have any problem editing those same tags on mp3 files. I haven't tried foobar2000 or other tag editor because i already have trouble editing the tags on two unrelated programs on different platforms.


I usually can type the lyrics in the tag but it either won't save at all, would show up as saved but it won't actually save the lyrics or sometimes it actually saves successfully. It's very hit or miss, so i don't know what i can do, i've tried searching in other forums, on reddit, searching in the depths of google to no avail.


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