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Microcenter + Radeon 7 x In stock = Happy You


Just a heads up to everybody: We've finally started getting some shipments through. If you want to be one of the handful of diehard AMD fans to get one of these, hit up your local Microcenter. Not really a 'hot deal' as they are priced where they are supposed to be, but they are...well....available.


Denver (3)

Marietta (3)

Chicago (1)

Westmont (2)

Overland Park (4!)

Cambridge (3)

Rockville (3)

St. Louis Park (6!!!)

Brentwood (4!)

Westbury (2)

Brooklyn (3)

Columbus (1)

Mayfield Heights (3)

Sharonville (4!)

Houston (3)

Dallas (3)

Fairfax (4!)




They'll probably all be gone shortly :)

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