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Troubleshooting Help


Hi there,

Been struggling over the past 2-3 weeks with a seeming endless amount of troubleshooting and frustration coming from my current rig. I built this PC 4-5 years ago with at most, minor issues since being built (specs listed below). Would love any insight from somebody with any sort of knowledge beyond my basic understanding of the inner workings of a computer. I recently ran into the problem of excessively long boot times when starting my PC (20 minutes at some times). I decided to just reset my PC using the built in Windows 10 recovery feature, which left me with nothing, after clicking the big reset button which I have used before nothing happens. This led me down a literal endless rabbit hole of forum hunting, contacting Microsoft, and trying things that may have hurt my system rather than helping it. After days and days of working on it here and there, I just convinced myself that the SSHD I was using (which wasn't letting me uninstall programs through Windows default features) may have gone bad and needed replacing. So I went and bought a new SSD and swapped out the drives, created a bootable USB and tried a clean install, as you probably could have guessed, nothing happened, every screen and "next" button I pressed while trying to just start the install was taking 20+ minutes to pass through. After over 2 hours of waiting I finally reached the install screen where for over another 2 hours the percentage never left 0%. I decided enough was enough I was going to man up and just deal with the drive that, although very very inconvenient, I knew worked. So back in the SSHD went, and then nothing, no boot just blue "System needs repairing" screen for 2 seconds before an automatic full system shutdown. Funny enough I can't give any error codes because the system shuts down before I have a chance to even jot down 1 letter. So after exhausting every ounce of patience and sanity I'm seemingly left with nothing, not even a half working system. What I'm trying to figure out is if I have a dead drive as I suspected, or my processor has finally kicked it, or anything other than that. Literally any advice is welcome to me. 



CPU: Intel i5 4690K

Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 5


RAM: 16GB DDR3 (not sure what type or what speed, however if it matters I can gladly give more info)

CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i

SSHD: One of the only boxes I didn't keep so I don't remember what brand, but it is 500GB

New SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

(I also have a 1TB Hard drive which I rarely have files on because I don't have a deep games library that totals more than 500GB



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i think anything mechanical would fail before even windows start. Hdd bad sectors though would kick in if they are tries to be read and that would probably lead to blue screens.

Restarting propably is windows matter. You have to enter safe mode and go to advanced option and remove the Automatically Restart on Errors option. if you google that you can find it in the right click on mycomputer advanced options etc.then see how it behaves. it may even be a faulty dvd/cd-rom(try not to have any dvd in drive and the drive opened then boot....restarting also is cuased from overheating cpu. open the pc and clear it. all fans and psu included! be careful with the vacuum....

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Have you tried another SATA port/cable?

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