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Battery 2 not present.

Hello every one!


I have a problem and i tried couple solutions and none of them works. I will explain which one.


Before i did a reset on the laptop the battery was working fine. Battery 1 and 2 they were charging both to 100%.

But after the reset i got problem that the battery 1 not charging to 100%. And battery 2 is not present. Like here you can see.

Here you can see that the led of battery 2 is not on.


Every time when i restart my laptop i get this message.


I looked on the internet and i did the next following.

  • Downloaded all the drivers from the manufacture, even the one for battery like here you can see.
  • I followed this forum and didn't help.
  • (Troubleshooting power) I did  also "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\System and Security" than click on "Power" to see if the laptop can detect something. But no there is nothing.
  • I downloaded "Fuijtsu Hardware Diagnostic Utility for Windows" and same result. There is no error.

Who knows what I need to do to fix the problem. Thank you very much for helping.

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook E752 with Windows 10


Sorry for my bad English, if I wrote something wrong and you correct me I will be happy!

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