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Need Help Deciding On A Network Switch




My local ISP (Shaw) replaced my old 4-port router/modem with a new 2-port one because apparently, they are attempting to push their new cool wireless capabilities onto all of their customers. Therefore I'm in need of a network switch and I need some help deciding. I uploaded 2 pictures below describing the setup I had with my 4-port router, and the setup I should have soon. I was using our old Linksys E2000 router as an AP and a network switch to provide ethernet to the second floor of our house, but apparently, it was bottlenecking half the network with sub-100Mbps speeds so that may have to be replaced too. The Chromecast and the printers don't need to be connected via ethernet, I'm just showing it as a possibility.


I have my eye on the following gigabit switches below. I'm not too well versed in what specs I should be looking at when shopping for a switch beside it being gigabit. I was thinking of either getting 2 8-port switches for the basement and the second floor or getting one 16-port to be futureproof (because we plan on moving to a larger house next year and put off getting new tech for a while) but I will have to drag a few wires through the wall.








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Absolutely any unmanaged switch will do the job, you arent doing any VLAN's so you will be just fine with any of the gig switches in the list provided.  Find one in the colour you like with a sufficient amount of ports and just buy it.

Please quote or tag me if you need a reply

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