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  1. Hola, My local ISP (Shaw) replaced my old 4-port router/modem with a new 2-port one because apparently, they are attempting to push their new cool wireless capabilities onto all of their customers. Therefore I'm in need of a network switch and I need some help deciding. I uploaded 2 pictures below describing the setup I had with my 4-port router, and the setup I should have soon. I was using our old Linksys E2000 router as an AP and a network switch to provide ethernet to the second floor of our house, but apparently, it was bottlenecking half the network with sub-100Mbps speeds so
  2. Hey y'all, I was in the market for a screen protector for my S9+, and while normally I get one from Spigen for every phone I had in the family for the past couple years, Spigen doesn't seem to have one for the S9+. Instead, they got something called "Screen Protector GLAS.tR Nano Liquid", which is a wet wipe that you rub on your screen and the solution fuses with your screen or something. It claims to have a higher hardness than your average phone's oleophobic coating and might potentially cover up tiny scratches in the oleophobic coating. I tried searching for reviews
  3. Hey, wondering if this is still be updated.
  4. 1. Mad Catz RAT 7 mouse. An expensive mouse I got from the Apple store back in 2012 and it barely lasted a year. 2. MSI X99 Gaming 9 ACK motherboard. This is a long one so bear with me. Got this for my first pc build in early 2016. I told myself I can splurge a "little" on an expensive motherboard as I already had a keyboard, mouse, and monitor that I used for my old MacBook Air, as well as a second HyperX Savage SSD I got from Linus' garage sale back in 2015, therefore making my first build really "cheap." I also had a second a GTX 570 and was waiting for the 1000 series to come o
  5. Hola, I got a 28-inch monitor that is my main display and a secondary 23.4-inch monitor. Initially, I had a folder of wallpapers that W10 would switch ever 30 mins. It would display two different wallpapers but occasionally I noticed that it would display very wide wallpapers on both monitors. Now I want to display a wallpaper across both monitors but have it aligned. How can I do this?
  6. Hey y'all, I have a MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK and my Bluetooth simply doesn't work. There's no icon in the taskbar tray, the troubleshooter said that my device doesn't have Bluetooth, and my Xbox controller doesn't connect. I set Bluetooth support in services.msc to automatic. Also tried updating in Device Manager and then uninstalling it when that didn't work (it also never showed back up again). I fixed this problem before, but it's been a few months since I clean installed W10 into a new SSD and I cannot remember how I solved it. Thanks for the help.
  7. Well, I've been googling about the 20K mah Anker PowerCore I have and apparently it doesn't have pass through charging. ='[
  8. Question in the title. EDIT: At the same time I mean. Additional Question: If yes, is it bad for the health of the battery bank?
  9. Firstly, thanks for the reply to both of you. I tried Memtest a couple month ago and everything came out just fine, so I don't think I need to do that again. Clearing CMOS did not help either. I am currently testing a 2.5" SSD as a boot drive and I installed all drivers and software as usual. After about 12 hours of regular usage, including consistently restarting, shutdowns & boot ups, everything seems OK. Seems like I can narrow it down to the M.2 drive or the M.2 port.
  10. Hola, This just started to happen out of the blue. The PC would try to boot up and is always greeted with the blue screen. The error was "system thread exception not handled". It would restart and then present me with a screen with a bunch of options. None of them helped besides System Restore, but even that would be occasional. I then decided to clean install W10 on my M.2 SSD and then install whatever drivers I had before. Still got BSOD after a few restarts. Installed W10 and all my drivers on my HDD. Everything seemed fine, so I decided to clean install W10 and
  11. Hola, I've been getting this error while booting up my PC for the past few days now. It would go through a boot-loop: Attempts to start up, BSOD (gives me that error), attempt to start up again, goes into Automatic Repair where none of the options help to resolve this. I even attempted to clean install Windows 10 again onto my boot SSD and that did not help at all.
  12. Something really weird is going on. Apparently, my splitter no longer works. I haven't used it since I used to record gameplay off my PS3 back a few years ago. I got a new HDMI 2.0 cable from Best Buy, tested that and 2 other cables by connecting them directly from my PS4 to the TV. They all worked fine. They I tested the splitter and the signal stutters for a bit and then results in a weak or poor signal. So I tossed that aside and focused on figuring out what's wrong with my monitors. Since I knew the HDMI 2.0 worked just fine between the PS4 and my TV, I hooked it up
  13. Hey y'all, I need yall's help on this one. I have a 28" 1080p Samsung monitor with 2 HDMI inputs. Yesterday I moved my entire gaming room to a different room in the house. So far everything after the move was working just fine. Then I had the smart idea of attempting to split my PS4's signal to the TV and the second port of my monitor. It was also at this time that I decided to try out the new Razer Ripsaw capture device (Best Buy didn't have the Elgato at the time). So I hooked up my PS4 to the Ripsaw, Ripsaw into the splitter, and splitter to both my TV and monitor's second HDMI