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Troubleshooting PCI-E Slot/GPU


I've been treading through some forums lately (Reddit, TomsHardware, LTT) and I'm noticing this a lot. Not specific to my problem, but a lot of black screens.


Ryzen 3 1300X

MSI B350M Gaming Pro

8GB Corsair NT 2133mhz

EVGA SC 1050Ti

Corsair RM 650W PSU (BRAND new)


Now for my issue. A couple of months ago my video card died, or maybe it was killed by power issues from the mobo. It wouldn't display anything, tried multiple computers, nothing. So I RMA'd it back to EVGA. They sent me a refurbished one as the replacement and it worked fine for one gaming session then my computer black screen and my fans also spun up to 75%-100%. Everything appeared to be running fine hardware wise and I figured it was a power issue, so I started with replacing the PSU (Corsair RM series). After replacing the PSU, my computers performance (and noise reduction) became 10x better than before. After 5 hours of straight gaming after the PSU replacement, AS SOON as I closed out of Fornite, my computer black screened and the fans ramped up again.


This past week during the holiday break I used a Zotac 960GTX 4GB card, and had no issues with anything. Here's what I can't figure out. The 1050Ti only gets power from the PCI-E slot, so maybe the PCI-E is suddenly starving the card? Or the RMA is bad? As soon as it freaks out on me, I can't boot the computer with that card for 24 hours or it'll continue freaking out 30 seconds after I get to the Windows login screen. The Zotac 960 uses a 6 pin connector... so it's not getting it's only power from the PCI-E.


Ideas? I'm at a complete loss and I'm about to spend money I don't have on an Intel mobo/cpu. I'm leaning towards a mobo issue, but I would kinda like some clarity or discussion with others before I spend money.


EDIT: Event viewer shows Kernal Power (41 maybe?) error and the system is NOT creating a dmp file when this happens.

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