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Nvidia/Intel display settings


Hi, im using a laptop as my current gaming rig at the moment... And of course i wanted to use a external monitor...

I have 1 HDMI port, and 2 Minidisplayports I plugged my monitor into the hdmi port, and it worked fine. Little did i know that there was a process that started running when i plugged it in. Ntoskrnl.exe

i found out that this only happens when i run the screen on the HDMI an one of the DP. And opening up the Nvidia control panel and going over to the Phyx settings. That has made me think that the laptop monitor is connected to the integrated card. And two of the other ports are Connetcted to the Nvidia card.

Because it runs fine on one of the ports.

As you can see in the first picture my external screen is connected to one of the DP and it runs fine.

In the second picture my external screen is connected to the other DP and for some reason the Intel GPU goes away, and System Interrupts starts to hog my CPU


unknown (1).png



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