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Streamlabs OBS FPS issue


I'm trying to get into streaming, I built a PC that I was sure could handle the task. (8700k, 32GB Gskill ram, GTX1070). 

I easily get over 100 fps gaming at 1440p on Fortnite. As soon as I open streamlabs OBS (Not streaming, just opening the app) My Fps tanks to 60 in fullscreen. I do realize it supports 60 frames but even at 60 the game is choppy and looks like its at 30 fps. When I go into windowed fullscreen I get back up to 140 fps but the game is still super choppy, like its at 30 fps even though its telling me I'm getting the full 140 fps.

Would anyone know whats causing this?

My upload is always at or over 800, Nvenc is enabled, Bitrate is between 4000, Native res at 1440 while output res is at 1080p.

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Have you seen yesterdays LTT video? It could be something installed on your system. Maybe try formatting and reinstalling windows - if you backup all of your games and installers onto another drive it doesn't take too long to get setup

Bow down to me humans.

I can't help if you don't quote me. How am I supposed to know if you need my premium support? Now starting at £399.99 a year.

Also, be a sport and mark the correct answer as the correct answer. It will help pour souls in the future when they are stuck and need guidance.

"If it works, proceed to take it apart and 'make it work better.' Then cry for help when it breaks." - Me, about five minutes ago when my train of thought wandered.

Remember kids, A janky solution is still a solution.

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