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Looking for new headset



I am thinking about after christmas on boxing day or some other kind of sale buying myself a new headset I currently have a logitech g430, which I have liked but want to get something that is wireless and more sturdy around the earcups because i have had to tape this one because the plastic holding it has started to break off of it. I wanted to spend around or preferably under 200$ CAD and wanted to make sure theh quality of the headphones and microphone are gonna be more or less the same as I currently have or better.

I also really want it to have a chat mix dial because I had that on an old headset and greatly have missed it.

I'm not completely against buying another wired headset If i have to but I'd prefer wireless.

I've been looking at the https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7 and was wondering if there might be any better ones for around this price.

Thanks for any replies in advance.

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