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BSOD when install new ram but memtest no error



my current setup:

CPU: i5 3570k
Mobo: Asrock extreme 4

i am using 2x 4gb Team Group RAM (TED34G1600HC11BK) and recently bought another 2x 4gb Team Group RAM (TED34G1600C11BK). Both ram having the same spec on paper (just the old one has heatsink but the new one doesnt) but when i installed the 2 new RAMs i keep getting BSOD, "stop code memory management". here is what i've done to check if the 2 new RAM are faulty.

1) 4x RAMs installed, ran windows memory diagnostic and no error found.but still getting BSOD

2) remove all RAM, install only 1 Newly bought RAM (TED34G1600H11BK), ran memtest86 & windows memory diagnostic, no error

3) remove the RAM on no.2, install the other newly bought RAM (TED34G1600C11BK), ran memtest86 and no error

4) install all 4x RAMs together, ran memtest86, found 56 errors on Test 5 and system hanged

5) remove all RAMs and install only my old 2x RAMs (TED34G1600HC11BK) ran memtest86 and no error,Test 5 passed and keep going.

what could be wrong with all 4 rams together?

What's wrong???

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Check the two slots you previously didn't use for dirt. Try a new toothbrush gently.

Test the two newly bought dimms together only as well please.

Check if the voltages on the kits are the same please. 

Try mixing the dimms in different slots.

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