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    everything that can hold my attention
  • Biography
    Building my own home theater. Currently DIY building second floor in storage warehouse to accomodate said home theater.
  • Occupation
    Owner of car detailing shop, car mechanic, moped mechanic, tech helpdesk for family and friends.


  • CPU
    Dual Xeon E5-2660v2 (20 cores), 256GB RAM, IBM X3650M4
  • Motherboard
    Dual Xeon 5660 (12 cores), 144GB RAM, HP DL380G7
  • RAM
    Quad Xeon E7450 (24 cores), 128GB RAM, HP DL580G5
  • GPU
    Dual Xeon X5460 @3.6Ghz, 16GB RAM, Intel Skulltrail
  • Case
    26U Rack with 2x 24 port Gbit switches, 10Gbit directly between servers
  • Storage
    4x Dell MD1000 with 15x4TB SAS = 240TB
  • PSU
    240v setup. Over 10kW rated. On the lookout for beefy UPS.
  • Display(s)
    KVM Switch and console, RDP and IMM interfaces
  • Cooling
    Split unit air conditioner, rack has 6 240v fans.
  • Keyboard
    Q9450 @3.6 Ghz with 1080P monitor for RDP and IMM viewing.
  • Mouse
    Asus Essence STXII coupled to DIY speakers/amps and seperate surround speakers
  • Sound
    DIY 16x Peerless XXLS10 subs, 8x SB MW19, 2x SB MW16, 2x SB26ADC tweeters
  • Operating System
    DIY amplifiers for mids and highs, 2x Behringer EP2500 for subwoofers, Self designed crossover topology in 2x Behringer DCX2496

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  1. For sure we can see a weird take on thermals. Some more 'info': https://videocardz.com/newz/alleged-amd-radeon-rx-6000-engineering-sample-spotted
  2. ---------------------------------------------- Summary Describing the news in a couple of sentences This could be a real photo of a prototype Or not. Who knows? Quotes My shower thoughts The pyramids. They're upside down. Sources https://t.bilibili.com/433049552318777565 https://tweakers.net/nieuws/171998/prototype-van-amd-radeon-rx-6000-videokaart-staat-mogelijk-op-foto.html
  3. Partition it. --edit-- also, storing files on a bootable disk won't break the booting mechanisms. It just isn't a neat thing to look at.
  4. Are there no specs of the machine to be found anywhere? Not even manufacturer's website?
  5. Enter bootmode and empty your caches first. Try seeing how much free space there is on your device as well. Symptoms you observe are comparable to full storage.
  6. So there are multiple solutions to this problem which may or may not include replacing
  7. In my experience, air flow works best if you only have it flowing one direction. Vectoring currents usually lowers efficiency enough to have it increase temperature. But, there are exceptions, best thing is to try it and measure, measure, measure. Go for it.
  8. What @Turtle Rig says... Usually the graphics driver enables hardware acceleration when it's loaded. So you can try running Windows in safe mode, so it doesn't load the graphics drivers to uninstall said driver and try to find a newer one, look up current version and see if there are other people with your gpu that have this problem. If that doesn't show up and updating the driver didn't work, you can see if it maybe is trying to display something that isn't supported by your monitor as input format (res/hz) if all fails, RMA your GPU.
  9. Nice work on the site. But I don't view it as a race... Also if you include all Linus Cat Tips members, I'm sure LMG has well beyond 10M subs.
  10. Have a look at Windows 10 for Workstations. I use it in my quad socket 604 server. It runs 6-core Xeon chips with 32 sticks of 4GB DDR2 memory :') Windows for Workstations works better for me too. It essentially doesn't give that 'you stupid consumer, I will tell you what is best for this machine' user experience, but without the unneeded server environment. It supports up to 4 sockets iirc. I'm not sure if the highest performance scheduler is included in this version, it's a couple of months ago since I last booted it. And you don't need to buy it if you don't mind the waterma
  11. Taichi beats everything except a few LN2-minded boards with only 2 memory slots on the memory speed side.
  12. Those results are nothing for a card like that. You aren't even trying.
  13. Well if you only took off the front of the case, then you wouldn't have seen the state of the actual critical components. It looks like your PC has suffered a liquid damage. The bootlooping is a sing of that. You can try turning it on later, but it would be incredibly lucky for you if there wasn't any persistant damage after showing these sings. Don't try to power it on for at least 24 hours.