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Acer ED347CKR bmidphzx 34" Curved UW Monitor

Crosseyed Sniper

  • 1 month later...
On 12/15/2018 at 7:49 PM, Crosseyed Sniper said:

Any of you own this monitor? If so, how do you like it for gaming? And what are your pc specs?







I'm a little late but I got this monitor recently and it's overall pretty great. Colors and blacks are good with good brightness. For gaming it's mostly alright. The response times of the pixels are definitely slower than a tn panel but it also seems slower than some ips panels. Setting the overdrive setting to extreme makes the response time much faster. At that setting it is wonderful overall. Now that NVidia supports variable refresh rate on monitors that don't have gsync this panel supports that. However this disables the ability to change the overdrive setting as nvidia sets what it thinks is best for the refresh rate you're getting which is unfortunate as the extreme setting is always better than normal as there is much less smearing and little to no overshoot. Still worth it at this price range though. I'm running a gtx 1070 ti and an r5 1600 and the 1070 ti is pretty much barely enough to push games at high settings at this resolution. Games like GTA V run at about 50fps on ultra with 2x msaa and even fortnite  runs at about 80fps. So it definitely works if you plan on reducing game settings but if you want max settings I would recommend at minimum a 1080 ti. Excellent monitor overall though absolutely worth it if you pick it up for under $450.

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